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About The Artist

Often known on the internet as Crystallink, I'm an artist from Virginia who specializes in character design and cartoon art. I have 11 years experience in visual art, and 5 years experience in working with clients to create art that suits their needs!


"From simple and adorable to unique and colorful with stunningly complex, yet well flowing designs, this artist by far is a very sweet, and very talented young lady with a great eye for capturing stylized scenes, character designs, and a great level of emotion in her works as well! Been a pleasure to work with since the first time I've commissioned her and still gladly continue to hire her every now and then for more art which have steady increased in quality each time! Highly recommended , 10/10 by far!" --Jeremiah N

"I really enjoyed my experience. Her communication for the commission was quick and clear and her invoice was sent promptly which I enjoy. I prefer to pay my artists quickly to make sure I dont spend the cash I set aside for them.
She captured my character's regal nature pretty well! I do enjoy her bold choices when it comes to lineart, very nice! Over all my experiences with her is great!" --Stacy B

"I found communication to be quick and friendly, and [her] patience while I gathered the funds for the commission was amazing. [She] delivered exactly what I'd asked for and gave me progress shots to see along the way. Overall I was very happy with how everything went and I would highly recommend [her] to others!" --inglorious on Toyhou.se

"I really like the commission [she] did for me, the communication was clear, and was kept up with through the entire process. The final process turned out fantastic, I really liked that I was updated throughout the entire process and I would go for another commission sometime! " --Werejelly on Toyhouse


✧General Art✧

✧Character Design✧


✧Pixel Art✧

✧Graphic Art✧


These are the base prices, and they will go up depending on how detailed the character in question is.


Character artwork that consists of only linework and base colors, and no shading.

Headshot: $40
Halfbody: $55
Fullbody: $70

Full background: +$30
Additional Characters: +$45 Each

✧Cel shading✧

Character artwork in a cel shaded style.

Headshot: $60
Halfbody: $80
Fullbody: $100

Full background: + $50
Additional Characters: +$70 Each


Character art with more detailed, dynamic shading.

Headshot: $100
Halfbody: $170
Fullbody: $220

Full background: +$130
Additional Characters: +$170 each

✧Character Design✧

Prices for character designs will vary depending on the level of detail, as well as what exactly you want on their reference sheet (2 or 3 point turn around, closeups of notable details, ect.)

Base Price: $70

Need a more personalized quote? Contact me!

Terms Of Service

By hiring me, you indicate that you have read and agreed to my terms of service. I cannot be held liable for the client's failure to read it.

These terms are subject to change at any time, and contracts for official work may differ slightly from this general terms of service.


All payments must be made either Paypal or CashApp in USD. At least 50% of the art price must be paid upfront. All concepts, progress art, and final artwork relating to this commission will be heavily watermarked until final payment is made.


-If I realize I cannot complete the product for any reason, I will give a full refund. However, if the client decides to cancel in the middle of the artwork being made, the 50% upfront payment will not be refunded.

-Paypal chargebacks are strictly prohibited. Please contact me first if you have any complaints or issues. Filing a chargeback will result in an immediate blacklist, meaning I will never do business with you again.

-I have the right to cancel a project for any reason, and have no obligation to explain my reasons for the cancellation.

✧What I Won't Draw✧

Before trying to commission me, please understand that I will not draw these things:

-Gore and Excessive Blood
-Wiccan/Cultic Imagery
-Demons/Demonic Imagery
-Political Artwork
-Very disturbing character designs

✧Work Process✧

-For the best results, please provide detailed descriptions, and as many reference pictures as possible that clearly depict what you want drawn.

-Progress pictures will be sent as requested.

-If the artwork needs to be done within a certain timeframe, I need to be told before the commission is started. Otherwise I cannot be held accountable for failure to finish before a deadline.

✧Artist Rights✧

-I still retain all copyright/intellectual property of my art, and retain the right to repost finished commissions to my portfolio and/or social media for self-promotional purposes. All characters and concepts featured in finished artwork will remain under the ownership of the client. I only retain copyright of the artwork itself. If the client wants sole copyright of the artwork, this must be mentioned beforehand, since this will affect the pricing.

-I also retain the right to decline projects for any other reasons not listed above, and I am not obligated to explain my reasons for declining.

✧Commercial Use✧

-If the client intends for the commissioned artwork to be used commercially (to be used in any way to make money), I must be told about this beforehand, and an agreement of royalties or a flat commercial fee must be made before I start your artwork. Otherwise the finished artwork will be personal use only, and commercial use without my permission will be copyright infringement.

-Character designs are fully yours to do with what you wish, but I still have full copyright to the original artwork(s), of which commercial use is not allowed unless otherwise agreed upon. Once you sell, trade or otherwise give ownership of the design to another person, it is no longer yours to use or place rules on.


Reposting of the commissioned art may be done by the client, but only if proper credit is given to me, and linked back to any of my social media pages.


I'm currently open for new projects! Contact me, and let's create something together!


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